Cutting & Styling

Our international team of top hair stylists at Taylor Taylor London are dedicated to delivering the very best service possible.

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Taylor Taylor London's Team of international stylists and colour technicians are some of the top creative talents in the world and have been hand selected for their mix of individual style and exceptional ability. Splitting their time between editorial, commercial and catwalk assignments our specialists bring their creativity, passion and talent back into the salon where we inspire, educate and welcome each guest as an old friend.

Please note only cuts and blow-dry appointments can be booked online.

Cutting & Styling

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Please allow a full hour for all our cutting and styling appointments so that we have sufficient time to understand your needs and you can relax with complimentary drinks from our salon bar.

Senior Stylist
Art Director
Creative Director
International Artist
Wash, Cut & Finish/ Blow-DryWash & Blow-DryHair Up Services
£76.00£45.00from £76.00
£82.00£52.00from £82.00
£92.00£60.00from £92.00
£98.00£70.00from £98.00
£108.00£80.00from £108.00
£145.00£100.00from £145.00

A discretionary charge of £15.00 may apply for complex tonging or longer hair extensions.

Hair Extensions

Ethically sourced and beautifully hand blended for the ultimate natural look, our hair extensions are created exclusively by the London Hair Lab. With a full choice of longer lasting keratin bonded or micro-ring extensions through to light weight, re-usable tape wefts that can be applied in 15 to 60 minutes there is a perfect blend for everyone.

All hair extension appointments require a complimentary consultation where our specialists can advise you on the detailed costs which will be created with full transparency showing both the cost of the hair and the application time.

Haircare Treatments

When your hair needs a little extra attention our extensive range of in salon prescription treatments can be combined with your appointment to maximise the health and beauty of your hair.


Choose either the iconic water based, bond building technology from Olaplex or the latest one step oil based repair treatment from Brazilian Bond Builder. Both treatments work to repair the broken bonds in your hair and protect your hair from further damage due to colouring. We highly recommend adding one of these treatments to your colour service as an investment to keeping your hair as healthy as possible.


Triple award - winning dry mask treatment applied before your appointment and specifically designed to rebuild the core integrity of your hair.


A specialist treatment for scalps with both dry or greasy dandruff. The anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties help to reduce the levels of exfoliation and keep the scalp clean and healthy.


A deeply regenerative 2 step system aimed at repairing the structure of seriously damaged hair fibres and providing long lasting nourishment and protection for dry and brittle hair.


With an instant cosmetic effect this treatment miraculously acts as a type of hair filler to re-plump and compact the hair structure leaving it full of body along with a super high gloss and shine.


Our 4 step hair facial resembles a facial for the skin but targets the scalp and hair instead. Perfect for anyone who wants to detoxify, build healthy, strong & shiny hair or anyone struggling with greasy roots as this is often due to the build up of impurities on hair and scalp.


An incredible treatment that quite literally bonds your split ends together for up to 4 weeks. The heat activated protein enriched formula instantly repairs broken and split fibres and continues to protect against further damage caused by everyday styling and environmental stresses. £38.00