From catwalk to magazine shoot each of our Hair Stylists and Colour Technicians in our Shoreditch hair salon team has been selected for their individual style and their unique ability to translate their knowledge into a hairstyle or hair colour tailored to you. Classic or cutting edge, male or female, our modern and relaxed approach to hair and beauty will make you feel a part of London’s elite. Click on your selected Stylist to discover a little more.


Darren Bain
Art Director

Sarah Bower
Colour Director

Kris Barnes
Senior Colour Technician

Jenny Persson
Colour Director & Art Director 

Natalia Nadolska
Director & Colour Director

Maria Galati
Art Director 

Ryan Wood

Aude Bouziouane

Fanny Leblanc
Senior Stylist

Camilla Lund
Senior Stylist & Colour Technician

Mihaela Vatafu