Taylor Taylor London has achieved global recognition for the exceptional calibre of our hair stylists and colourists who combine their appointments in our award winning salon spaces with regular editorial, commercial and catwalk assignments.

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Our fully bespoke hairdressing courses have been created with a clear directive to share our insider knowledge to help hairdressers develop both their creative and commercial potential. Unlike many, more formal cutting and styling courses we will work with you to create tailored programs that inspire you to create the best possible haircut or hair colour for the salon floor or help you push the boundaries of what you can achieve in your session styling work.

For more details please contact us or click on the course brochure to see a short overview of our courses. With a subtle nod to the 70’s our latest hair collection features styling, that is reflective of the modern textures seen on the 2016 runway shows but made wearable for the salon client.

Bloomsbury House